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" I came to Michelle after my second failed round of IVF and was feeling very desperate. But now i have two beautiful children after going for Acupuncture treatments. My favourite part of the treatment was understanding how my body was out of balance and how to help put it back in balance" ......Katie in Thurles

" I was guided to Michelle through a colleague who had previous success with Acupuncture for migraines. I had been to a lot of people prior to trying this but was surprised how quickly this improved my migraines. I am now migraine free and back to my old self" .......George in Cahir

"I went through a tough time a few years ago which left me with high level anxiety. This subsequently affected my sleep leaving me with just two hours broken sleep most nights. As a result my sister encouraged me to try Acupuncture. And after one session I was already improving. I still go for Acupuncture to keep me balanced and when i miss it, i feel the difference".........Brenda in Cashel 

"I have been taking antibiotics for a recurring sinus infection for 6-8months. But was getting fed up with the lack of progress so even though i knew very little about Acupuncture, i tried it for 6 weeks with Michelle at AcupunctureTipperary. Using a combination of nutritional advice and Chinese medicine, I finally got on top of my issue. I was starting to think there was something seriously wrong with me. Michelle reassured me this was just the system showing me where i was going out of balance and now i know how to keep myself on track".........Joanie in Holycross

"I have been to 4 different therapist trying to get on top of hot flushes and i was taking every vitamin and herb i was recommended. So by the time i got to Michelle I wasn't expecting her to make any difference. But her treatments and reassurance yielded positive results, and I am no longer overheating. She explained the importance of hormonal changes at different phases in the female cycle and why it is so important not to leave them out of balance" ........Mary in Tipperary town

"It was my first pregnancy and my baby was breech. I was nervous about having a C-section so was looking up alternative options when i came across the AcupunctureTipperary facebook page. I made my first appointment and through a combination of moxa and Acupuncture, the baby turned and i managed to have a natural labour. Super grateful"...............Louise in Thurles

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Michelle Flanagan, BSC, Lic TCM, BTP, ABP

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