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What to expect in a treatment

An initial consultation will last for 60 minutes and is safeguarded by total confidentiality. A very detailed medical case history is taken including questions about lifestyle and habits; as well as current medication. An examination of both the patient’s tongue and pulse will also be carried out. Once the diagnosis has been attained, you will be asked to lay on the treatment table and fine sterile needles will be inserted painlessly into specific points. The needles are generally in place for approx 20 minutes. Other modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine may be included in the treatment but this is decided case by case.


1h - 50.00 euro

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About us

For further information or to book your appointment, contact Michelle at 086 1562788.

Michelle Flanagan, BSC, Lic TCM, BTP, ABP

Member of Acupuncture Foundation of Professional Acupuncture

All services are 50 euro